ONLY 1 NOW AVAILABLE. A stunning Vintage Handmade Clay Pots, Extra Large and stunning statement piece. Perfect for planting large trees or bushes with large roots or as a stand alone feature pot.

This pot is very heavy. Of course, we can deliver it to you but for an extra cost as it requires at least 2 people to move it!

30 to 50 years old. In excellent condition, solid with no cracks.

Guaranteed Frost Proof. It can be planted or left empty as a statement piece. There are drainage holes in the bottom.

This pot has a beautiful, reddish/brown patina.

Dimensions: Height: 57cm. Diameter: 74cm.

Price: £450.00 each (Only 1 Now Available).

You are most welcome to view our range of pots by appointment. We are based in Titchfield, Hampshire PO14 4PB.

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