A stunning Vintage Pithari Terracotta Pot, making a beautiful statement in any garden. Handmade in Thrapsano, Crete. Three handles. Beautiful patina with pale white and black lichen on the body of the pot and around the rim.

30 to 50 years old. In excellent condition, solid with no cracks.

We have gently cleaned the inside and outside of the pot, being careful to preserve the original vintage patina. We have given it 2 coats of natural oil (a special blend of hazel oil, soy bean oil and sunflower oil) to give the pot a rich, soft sheen and to accentuate the patina.

This pot is Guaranteed Frost Proof. It can be planted or left empty as a statement piece.

Height: 90cm. Diameter: 66cm.

Price: £695.00

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