New Terracotta Pots from Crete

Our stunning range of New Cretan Pots have been handmade in a village just south of Heraklion in Northern Crete by the same  family of potters for over 150 years. All our Cretan Pots are fired in a traditional wood kiln, fueled with old olive wood, which gives a unique, rich and creamy terracotta coloring. They are fired at temperatures of 1200 degrees centigrade, compared to terracotta pots sold elsewhere which are fired to only 700 degrees centigrade. The higher the firing temperature, the more frost proof and robust they become.

The thickness and quality of the clay in these pots is unsurpassed and makes for very sturdy, robust and beautiful pots. All our Cretan pots are GUARANTEED FROST PROOF and will give many years of pleasure in your garden.

Our stock is listed below, but you can keep up to date with our latest stock news on our Instagram and Facebook pages. You can buy all our products directly from us in person, or please visit our Amazon or Ebay Shop. Please call or message us to check availability if you are interested in a specific pot which you cannot see available in our online shops.


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